Pulled pork burger

Pulled pork burger 13,50€   You can add for 1,50€/topping: Fried egg Bacon Galician Smoked Cheese Provolone Cheese Sauces Ketchup / Mustard / Mayonnaise / Barbacue / Brava / Burger / Chimichurri EVERY BURGER, MEAT OR CACHOPO IS SERVED WITH A SIDE DISH TO CHOOSE BETWEEN:ROAST POTATOES, FRENCH FRIES OR SALAD.PORTION OF SWEET POTATO +3€ […]

Chef burger

Chef burger 16,00€ Veal meat from the Salamanca area. With poached onion, pistachio and truffle oil.

Foie burger

Foie burger 16,00€ Beef burguer from the area of Salamanca, Spain. Foie incorporated into the meat with caramelized onion.

Angus burger

Angus burger 15,00€ 180g of beef made by RAZA NOSTRA.

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